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Executive Function Coaching @ the SLC

Improve your organization, motivation and social one play at a time!

What is Executive Function (EF)?

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Over the past 9 years, the SLC has been dedicated to better understanding the impact executive function deficits may have on various facets of one’s life. From a traditional sense, Executive Functioning (EF) involves the basic skills of self-management that allow us to set goals and achieve them. They include such areas as managing our emotions, taking initiative, staying focused, being organized, planning and prioritizing and recognizing when we’re off track and figuring out how to recover. Deficits in such EF skills may impact how someone organizes their backpack or their desk, prepares to do homework. etc.!

Research and developmental models have indicated behavioral features of EF appearing in very young children (article). However, intervention studies have indicated that between the ages of 11-14 years, we see some of the greatest improvements in EF, while between 20-29 years of age one has fully developed their EF skills (article).

We have come to recognize and address about how these aspects of one’s cognitive profile will impact academic performance, as we hear many of these struggles through our clinical work and school consultation. Yet, based on our work in social cognition and development, we also understand that a developmental model of EF (includes cognitive flexibility, goal orientation, attentional control, information processing (article) and emotional recognition) also impacts one’s social development and adaptive skills.

Through our clinical work, we also believe interventions to improve one’s EF skills have to address one’s level of anxiety and overall mindset. So how can we better address those deficits in a meaningful and personal way while understanding that EF deficits do not lie in isolation?

What is EF Coaching and makes our approach effective?

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Executive Function (EF) coaching is a term that has found more popularity in the past 5-6 years. In its essence, EF Coaching explores one’s cognitive and behavioral aspects of executive functioning and attempts to improve one’s level of competencies through one-to-one intervention, modeling, goal setting, and reviewing how the processes went.

At a deeper level, the EF Coaching at the SLC will include work on one’s mindset when approaching a task, social situation, etc. Through research and a growing understanding of the philosophy around growth mindset (how one approaches a task and their motivation to tackle a task that may seem daunting) is critical to one’s success. We have research to support that having a positive mindset when it comes to academic tasks such as reading and mathematics through adolescents shows improvement in understanding and outcomes within those subject matters.

Our 14 week EF Coaching will not only address EF skills in those academic areas, but will expand those skills to one’s context, one’s social life and everyday functioning. We will not just be in the office every session!! We will be challenging your child to learn, use, and review their EF skills in real life!!

What to expect and how to access our program.

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Based on research and our developmental approach to interventions, we can provide an EF Coach for children in 5th grade and above. If you would like to meet with one of our Coaches or Chris to talk about your son/daughter’s EF skills who are younger than 5th grade, please contact the office to set up an individual appointment.

Details for our EF Coaching Program:

Time Commitment: 14 week session, 1 hour per week working with one of our EF Coaches, along with check in’s during the week with your Coach!!! PLEASE REMEMBER: Our goal is to improve identified areas of executive functioning NOT every single deficit. You may find multiple sessions are needed to see growth in multiple areas.

College Students: We have planned for you as well! Coaching will be done via Skype or Zoom with weekly scheduled appointments with your Coach.

Assessment: Each individual coming for EF Coaching will be given the Barkley Deficits in Executive Functioning Scale (BDEFS) to assess their current EF skills and areas to best address through coaching. With the family, we will develop a coaching plan that addresses those deficits found through the assessment and other observations and goals of the family. At the completion of the 14 weeks, a brief summary of progress will be given along with recommendations for next steps.

Staffing: Chris will conduct the initial assessment, provide a check in at week 7, and will meet with the Coach and parent on week 14 to talk about progress or additional steps/interventions. All of our Coaches have been a part of the SLC staff and have helped in creating our EF Coaching program/interventions.

Price: $1,400 for the 14 weeks

If you are interested in our EF Coaching Program please complete the brief form below AND print out out and send in (via mail or scan) our EF New Client Packet.

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