SLC Services:

Social Cognitive Groups

The Social Cognitive groups offered at this Center are the cornerstone of our practice, and what we are best known for.

Social Cognitive Groups held at the SLC have a strong foundation in Social Thinking©  ( and cognitive behavioral therapy. Mr. Abildgaard is personally involved with all the groups taking place at the SLC and provides ongoing training and supervision of the entire staff.  Participants will learn new social concepts, practice those concepts and social behaviors, be given on-the- spot feedback and will identify with others who struggle with navigating the social world.  Please read below for more information on our approach to teaching social cognitive concepts within a group setting.

Our treatment approach will integrate:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / Social Thinking/ Social Executive Function Interventions.

  • Participants will be involved with a variety of fun, hands on, meaningful techniques used to teach social concepts such as direct instruction, role playing, and peer mediated instruction. 

  • The context of intervention will be a combination of clinic based and community outings. We do not believe in just staying in the office setting :)  

  • There is a low client/therapist ratio.

  • Parent/Family feedback: At the conclusion of every meeting, the lead clinician will step out and meet with the family members/caretakers as to what was done in group and ways to integrate some of those concepts into the home setting.   

  • Trained peer mentors in most Middle and High School groups.

  • In larger groups, trained "Clinical Associates" to help support learning and generalization of concepts being taught. 

Types of groups offered:

  • Collaborative Play Groups: This social cognitive group is geared toward younger clients ages 4-6.  The focus in this group will be working on sharing physical space with others, collaborative play, developing one's imagination, joint attention skills, verbal problem solving abilities and developmentally appropriate emotional regulation skills. Many of the concepts and activities will follow or have been adapted from the Social Thinking curriculum "We Thinkers" (www.socialthinking.comg/Products/WeThinkersVolume2DeluxePackage). 

  • Social Cognitive Groups: Elementary - Adolescents.  The focus of these groups will be created based on the needs of the individuals. Concepts like relationship development, emotional regulation, anxiety strategies, social media, verbal and non-verbal communication, and how our social executive functioning skills all interplay with our social success can all be topics the groups explore. Social groups are carefully planned and put together based on the individual needs of the clients, not just age or grade. 

  • Young Adult Classes/Groups: Ages 17 and over.  Focus on a general theme or concept that is related to the social world they are encountering (work, higher education, relationships, driving, etc.).

  • Sibling Group: This will be for those individuals who are siblings of those with various developmental / social learning needs. 

Fee Structure For Groups:

  • The SLC, LLC. does not take insurance.  

  • During the fall and winter, the fee for our 14 week session is $980. 50% is due by week 1 and the final payment is due by week 7. If other payment arrangements are needed, please speak directly to Lisa Dempsey ( and she will be happy to work with you. 

  • Each group runs for 1 hour unless otherwise noted.  Any increase in time will result in an increase in fee

  • Please call 203-250-0305 if you are interested in setting up an intake for a social group.

Waiting Room Procedures:

In an effort to help maintain the confidentiality of our clients and the work space of our clinicians, we have had to put in a new waiting room policy. Please click here to read about the new procedures. 


Other Services Offered By The SLC

Mr. Abildgaard offers a range of services from speaking engagements to school based consultation. For more information on those services and to connect with him directly, please click here