"Developing social competencies is a journey, not an endpoint".

Chris Abildgaard, LPC, NCC, NCSP

The Social Learning Center, LLC. and it's new affiliate the SLC Counseling Associates, LLC. offers a range of therapeutic services including social cognitive groups, mental health counseling,  educational consultation, and professional development. 

We are a clinical group dedicated to enhancing one's social development and general mental health. As a private practice we pride ourslves on learning, understanding, and applying research based methods of social teaching and therapeutic counseling to each individual and communicating those methods to those who support them.




Since 2010,  the SLC has been providing social cognitive interventions to those individuals who struggle with social learning deficits. Our clinical services have been at the forefront of those offered here in the state of Connecticut.


Social learning happens across one's lifespan. Many of our current clients have been with the center or a client of Chris Abildgaard's for many years. Read about some of their experiences and impressions of the SLC.  

Our Team

Chris Abildgaard has been in private practice since 2007 working with individuals with an ASD and other social learning challenges.  Come meet our entire clinical team and those who make the center run.