The SLC Counseling Associates, LLC

In an effort to reach more clients in need of mental health services, the SLC created the SLC Counseling Associates, LLC to be able to accept insurance coverage for individual counseling. We are very excited about this endeavor and are hoping to positively impact the lives of more individuals within our community.


Who we can help

We have the ability to work with individuals of all ages. We have clinicians who specialize in therapy for young children and we have clinicians who specialize in working with young adults. All providers integrate various methods of counseling procedures when working with clients.  They include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), forms of behavior modification, and methodologies associated with Social Thinking©

When working with children, family participation is an important part of the therapeutic process.  Families should expect to have "homework" and will be given different strategies to try at home.


Who may BENEFIT from counseling?

Everyone goes through periods of life where they may benefit from speaking with a trained mental health professional. Many of the clients who seek out our particular expertise:

  • May be struggling with navigating the social world.

  • May have difficulty dealing with anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. or may display signs of other mental health concerns.

  • May be struggling with parenting /relationship issues with their children.  

  • May require individual support in the areas of executive functioning or emotional regulation.

  • May be transitioning from high school into post secondary/vocational settings and need assistance in planning the next stages of life.


How can i schedule an appointment

The SLC Counseling Associates is proud to accept Anthem BC/BS and Husky Insurance. Other methods of payment for services include cash, check, credit card and some HSA cards (Please read our notice on HSA cards).

We currently have limited afternoon/early evening hours available but late morning and mid-day hours are offered. If you are interested in setting up an intake, please complete the below New Client form and Erica will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you do not have Anthem BC/BS or Husky, we do accept cash, check and credit card. Rates for service are dependent on the clinician and vary between $100-$150 per hour.