Message from the Director

January 1, 2019

Dear SLC Community,

As we start another year I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on the year, how we have grown, and where we are heading in the future.

When I set out to create a private practice, my focus was working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum with the goal of increasing one’s social competencies. That is still my center of practice, however, due to the rise in co-existing mental health needs, we have grown and expanded our expertise to those who struggle with anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation and other mental health barriers. With the creation of our sister company, the SLC Counseling Associates, we are now taking some insurances and our individuals counseling services have boomed. We have added on several new clinicians this year and are currently starting a search for another so that we can continue to meet the needs of those seeking mental health services and social interventions.

I took the fall off from traveling to focus on the clinic and get some of my book written. Well, as many who know me, one of those two things were accomplished this fall. But at this point, the book has been put on hold, as there is a greater need to focus on our therapeutic services and general direction of the practice. I found myself energized by my position at the University of St. Joseph teaching a graduate course in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Having the opportunity to teach on a subject so near and dear to my every day work and frame it in a way that will help future educators better understand those hidden or invisible deficits was invigorating. I will be taking this coming semester off and will resume teaching in the fall.

As the new year begins what can people expect from the SLC??? 2019 will be a year of both going back to our roots while also expanding our services to meet the current needs of our community. The SLC and SLC-CA will look to add different groups, workshops, parent sessions and a newly formatted summer program. Our clinicians will be getting more formal training in DBT to help address the emotional needs of our clients who struggle with depression and mood disorders. I have been offered the opportunity to do a monthly column in Counseling Today on Counseling Individuals on the Autism Spectrum which I am very excited about contributing to. My focus will not be on taking new individual clients, but rather going back to my roots of running social groups and creating new opportunities for our clients and their families.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this growing center. I have always thought of the SLC as more than just an “office” but rather a small community. Your input and suggestions as to how we can improve our level of services are always welcome. Please always feel free to email me directly if there is a way we can improve upon our service. Happy New Year and thank you again for your continued support.