End of the Summer

August 13, 2016

I am sorry that I have not written in a while.  This week we finished up all our summer programs (well, with a few make ups to go).  We had a great time working with a variety of different clients and families. There were a few highlights for me personally:

1. I loved getting back into the swing of running a group alone.  The high school group was incredible, and I learned so much from working with these students.  We covered many topics including the "Steps of Communication",  logical vs. emotional decisions,  the use of humor, and the hidden social rules associated with initiating and maintaining a social relationship,  I thought that looking at concepts through use of cinema was a great way to drive home those concepts and make the learning of social a little more fun. 

2. Then, there was the EF (Executive Function) group I ran for two days a week for 4 weeks. This was the first time I took this type of group on, and I just had so much fun.  We learned about the major aspects of EF and intersect with daily living skills and social development.  The guys loved learning about EF through personal stories and the use of technology.  I would love to run a class like this again and use what I learned over the summer to make the next session even better!

3. I also had a chance to help run the Minecraft camp and to be a small part of our 1-4pm Middle School Explorations group.  Both of these sessions included clients with whom I have a long standing relationship. I just loved being around them and watching them grow over the summer.  They did so many amazing things including creating the SLC YouTube account and co-authoring an article with me that we are hoping to have published (I just found out from my editor it will be coming out on 8/22 so be looking for that!). 

Overall, we feel this summer was a huge success. I hope everyone who participated felt the same way!  Many thanks for everything and I hope to see you all in the fall.