Week 4 High School Group

Aug 4

Today the group started with a game of "Likewise" which is all about sharing thoughts and thinking about another's perspective. We then headed out for a 15 min. walk down to a local coffee shop.  We had a great time there making small talk, sharing photos, and started some planning for our last week.  

Getting out into the community was such a great thing to do for this group. I thought everyone did a great job when it came to ordering/paying, talking with each other at the table and even showing an interest in each other in terms of asking questions and follow up questions to another's life/interest.  This group really has come together and I will be sad to see it end. 

Next week we only have 3 days.  Wed will be our ending session where we will be planning something fun to do as a group.  I hope you all have a great weekend and see you on Monday. 



Aug 3

Our group has become one of my favorites ever!  Today we focused on concepts related to "humor".  Humor is a "social skill" that we sometimes take for granted.  Humor changes over time and through development.  For example, what we used to think was funny back when we were 5 and 6 is not so funny when you are in high school.  However in high school, what we think is "funny" needs to be only verbally said (or commented on in the case of being on line) within the right context.  For example, there are some jokes we may tell our "friends" but those types of jokes may not be appropriate for our grandmother. We need to be able to read the context, who we are sharing space with and even their ideas of what they think is funny before telling them a joke or funny story.  Our discussion was much deeper than this simple written re cap and its something I have loved being a part of with this group.

We also talked about "Autism" and whats it like having an ASD, and personal disclosure. It was great to hear the group talk about their experiences with finding out they had an ASD and what it means to them now! 

We also started another movie, "the Great Outdoors" in which we will be examining family dynamics, humor, relationships and social intent!

Remember to bring a little money for tomorrow's trip to the coffee shop!!  See you all in the morning. 

Mr. Chris. 



August 1

Where is the summer going!!  Today was another great class. We took a second to think about all the concepts we have talked about and explored so far this summer...and look at everything the group came up with!

Social concepts from the summer. 

We started our 3rd movie today, "the Duff".....excellent movie when exploring high school relationships, cliques, social status, and hidden social rules.  

So to let people know how we are using the movies: This week we each took a concept from the sheet and we had to look out for examples of that concept in the movie. The group really likes exploring ideas around the various concepts when using movies and other media forms.  

Have a great night everyone and see you tomorrow!