SLC High School Thoughts

July 6:  
Today was our first day for the group and I could not have been more excited about having a chance to work with all the guys.  It was an intro day so we worked on developing our "people files" and examining how our working memory plays into remembering things about people.  This is a critical part of "being social" as it allows us a spring board for initiating, starting conversations, having the confidence to approach people, etc.  

We talked for over an hour and just had some great conversations about our own personal experiences in high school, our interests and even got into giving each other constructive feedback.  

I then showed the group the following clip from my friend and mentor Michelle Winner around the "Four Steps to Communication" -

We will be reviewing these steps tomorrow, seeing what we remember and can pull from our people files and we will be exploring this aspect of how and why we need to take the perspective of other we are sharing both "physical and thinking" space with.  

Have a great night. 


July 7

Hi Everyone

Today was one of those days I love being a clinician! Often times, both in schools and when working in private practice, you walk into a group with a plan, but the clients you are working with need something different on that day. My plan was to work on levels of perspective taking, however the group went in another direction after reviewing the steps of communication.  We had some great dialogue about working in groups, particularly in school.  Sometimes we are placed in groups and other times we get to choose who we work with....either situation can be extremely daunting. 

From there, we talked about our experiences with working in groups, those stumbling blocks what we encounter and then the role or relationship we have with those in our group.  That led us into discussing the progression of friendship.  For today's discussion, I pulled out Michelle's description which can be found here

Amazing discussion was had by everyone about each level!  I was very open in my thoughts around "friendship" and how two very important variables that also impact "friends" and how we establish friendships are "trust and time". Often times I don't here therapists talking about just how important these two factors are.  We can't just "expect" our kids or clients to "have friends" without teaching and talking about these two variables.  Once again, we had a great discussion around all these concepts.  We ended playing a game of "Catch Phrase" which is one of my favorites as it helps us improve our working memory, processing speed and verbal communication with  a partner. 

Thanks for making these past two days so exciting for me and I hope you all have a great weekend.