High School Group Week 3

July 28

Hi Everyone,

The summer is flying by!  I can't believe we are at the end of week 3 already.  

Today was another great session.  Most of the session centered around this clip on social awkwardness. I would highly encourage others to watch this clip.  I will be using this more in other future groups. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o268qbb_0BM

Thank you all for a great week.  I will be here every day next week except for Thrus when Ms. Ashley will be working with you all.  Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday. 

July 26

Hi Everyone.  

We are in Day 2 of Week 3.  We have finished analyzing the movie "Perks of Being a Wallflower".  Watching this movie allowed for some amazing discussion around relationship development, empathy, social norms, concepts related to "rules change with age" and mental health issues. 

One thing I would like everyone to be working on is this concept of "sharing your eyes".  I have been noticing that everyone has decent "eye contact" however when they need to talk with a group of people, they tend to just focus on one member of the group.  If we are not able to share our eyes with everyone we share space with, we may leave others feeling left out.  Checking in with others using our eyes is a critical social skill / concept to be thinking about. 

Today we started analyzing the Goonies, a classic movie about coming of age, social relationships group dynamics and problem solving. Watching several minutes and pausing to talk about what is happening, what are the emotions the characters are feeling and predicting what may happen is really effective when teaching social concepts and rules. 

In the coming days, the other thing I will be writing on / talking about with the group is being able to focus on the important details of a topic or situation. I am noticing that sometimes we tend to focus details that are not important to the social situation. When we do that, we may miss the more salient aspects of our social context. 

Great group today guys!!  See you all in the morning.