SLC High School Group Week 3

July 18, 2016

Hello Everyone!!  I am back and happy to be home from a wonderful experience in New Orleans at the ASA Conference. 

I heard great things about last week while I was away from Ashley.  Today we picked up in Chapter 3 of Michelle Winner's Book "Socially Curious & Curiously Social" talking about the differences between "changing" and "adapting" when it comes to the social context you find yourself in. We read directly from the chapter and had some great discussions around this topic.

We then moved to talking about how social "rules" (both those written and unwritten) change with age.  The idea of "changing social rules" was really the theme for today and was driven home by discussion, a fun question/response activity everyone got to do on their phones, and by looking at clips from the show "the Big Bang Theory".  

it was another great group and I will see everyone in the morning!

Mr. Chris