EF Class Week 2

July 20

I am loving this class.  Today we focused on "attention" and all the different cognitive and behavioral aspects that go into us sustaining attention (especially when we are doing something that is boring, hard, or when presented with a lot of information at one time). What I learned about this group is this:

  • We all have things we think that we have better attention skills for those things of high interest. 

  • Many of us struggle with keeping our attention when it comes to Math and Language Arts. 

  • There are "external" and "internal" distractions -most of us get more distracted by internal (or thoughts) distractions. 

  • We talked about using a tool like "self talk" to catch ourselves when we are becoming off task. 

  • We used the term "power off" when we feel those internal thoughts taking us away from the task we should be thinking about/doing. We talked about how this can pertain to the concept of "shifting" from one thought to another. 

We then used the game "Pokemon Go" to address how attention and awareness tie into each other. We may come back to this as I learned a lot while watching the group trying to multi-task and "shift. 

We did posted a picture of our guys heading out to play on our FB page......so make sure you check it out!!  Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!!!  

Mr. Chris


July 18

Boys - great session today!  Our class today was all about _________ (please fill in the blank for you parents!)

WM is a critical part of our over all EF make up and tied closely to both attention and processing speed (all things we talked about as well). Today we looked everything from "Finding Dory" to "Dog with a Blog" with the intention of teaching the strategy of "learning to watch and listen for information".  Many of you (and other clients) just "watch to watch".  Getting in the habit of watching and listening to "learn" will help not only in school but in social relationships as well. I have to say that as the class went on, ALL of you WM skills increased for the task that we were doing!!

Here is a fun website I worked on with the boys:  http://www.cogmed.com/working-memory-challenge.  I would encourage you to play this game with your family, and other games that challenge your "WM" and attention. 

I will be bringing in a fun snack on Wed as they were able to hold a certain amount of things in their WM pertaining to a show we watched.  Again, great job today boys. On Wed we will be talking about "Attention".

Have a good few days!

Mr. Chris