SLC EF class Day 1

July 11

Hi everyone: I have to say.....its 10:15pm and my EF skills are shot for the night :)  I will write a little more tomorrow morning but today's class was great.  We did some people file work to get to know the others in the class, we watched a You Tube video on what EF is and then we looked at one of my talks on EF for more detail.  We discovered that our EF is like our.....see this is where my working memory is failing me: EVAN: Can you comment on what term we came up with....was it our "processor" (it had something to do with the computer). 

The guys also took a self questionnaire about what they thought their EF strengths and areas of need were.  This will help me in terms of planning the lessons. 

Ok, I think I did ok with an update for you all :)  I am heading to bed soon.  However, I need to let you know that I am traveling this week to New Orleans to speak at the ASA National Conference.  Another clinician in the office, Ashley, will be leading the class on Wed.  I don't think we will post after that class but if you I need to, I will post from New Orleans regarding our next class.  

Here is the You Tube video we watched (

I am very excited about this group and I had a great time today!  I know its not the most exciting group you have ever done with us, but I am looking forward to working with you and we will do our best to make learning about EF fun!!!  Have a good night everyone and see you Wed. 

Mr. Chris