SLC Group Costs:

14 week group session is $980

Credit cards, check and cash are accepted. 

For other payment plans, please contact Lisa at

Fall 2017 Registration Form

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There is a $70 registration fee that will be applied to your bill. Please let us know if you will be sending in a check or please call 203-250-0305 to pay with credit card.

Thanks for signing up. Someone from our office will confirm your spot within 48 hours of receiving your deposit.  


Info on our popular Sibling Group:

We are taking a semester off from offering our Sibling Group. We learned a ton last year and we are making some changes to the curriculum and our approach  to this particular group. We will be up and running again in the Winter 2018 Semester!!  

NEW Sibling Group:

After examining current research and practices, Erica will head up this seven-week group to help encourage siblings to talk about and relate to each other through their commonalities of living with someone with a social learning challenge.  The group will also serve to make siblings aware that they are not alone in certain feelings or actions.  Feelings and struggles dealt with on a daily basis will be discussed and validated.  Further psycho-education strategies focused on various diagnoses that hinder social development (i.e. EF deficits, ASD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.) will be implemented to increase understanding of the disorder(s).  Coping strategies and responses to having a sibling with a disability will be discussed, as well as perspective taking exercises to make their sibling’s behavior more understandable.  A parent/caregiver component will also be added to provide parent(s)/caregiver(s) strategies on how to work with both their atypical and typical child, share attention, and tips on maintaining a healthy relationship with all children in the house.