Contracting with Chris

Chris is available for a variety of different educational and clinical services and speaking engagements. Have a look at what he can offer: 

Update: July 2018

At this time, Chris is no longer accepting invitations to speak outside of Connecticut. He hopes to pick back up with his national speaking and training during the summer of 2019. 

There is currently a wait list for school based consultation as well. If you are interested in being added to our wait list please email Chris directly at to for more information. 


Educational Consultation

Chris has been consulting in Connecticut school systems for the past 10 years. Chris brings a very unique perspective to school based consultation. His lens for viewing a student's needs is shaped by his strong background in social cognitive development, executive functioning and mental health interventions. Using a collaborative approach, Chris works alongside an individual's school based team to help problem solve, create social cognitive programming, and developmentally appropriate treatment outcomes based on the student's social profile.

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Speaking / Training Engagements & Articles:

Chris is a state and national speaker on the topic on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Social Cognition. He offers professional developments for local school systems and has spoken at national conferences including the Autism Society of America and American Counseling Association. 

Chris also has published in a variety of on line and paperback journals including Autism Asperger's Digest and Counseling Today. Let us know if you may be interested in Chris writing for you!  


Psycho Educational / Social Cognitive Evaluations:

Each assessment is designed to answer specific referral questions asked by the family or school district. Are evaluations are done using a team approach of the professionals here at the SLC. 

The Social Learning Center, LLC.  will provide a comprehensive psycho educational / diagnostic evaluation in order to better understand one's areas of strengths, needs, and diagnostic profile.

The following can be aspects of this type of evaluation:

  • Cognitive Assessment

  • Achievement Assessment

  • Adaptive Functioning

  • Developmental History Interview

  • Social and Emotional Rating Scales (Parent, Teacher, Child)

  • For Autism Evals: Autism Diagnostic Instruments (ADOS, ADI)

  • Classroom observation

  • Record Review

  • Parent Feedback

  • Written report with findings, recommendations for educational and therapeutic programming.

Core components of a social cognitive assessment may include the following:

  • File review

  • Clinic-based observations/assessments:

  • Naturalistic assessments through conversation

  • Meeting with parents / school team to discuss concerns/needs

  • Rubrics and checklists to delineate skills of concerns

  • Standardized testing (types will vary depending on referral question)

  • Informal assessments (Dynamic Double Interview, Winner, 2008)

  • School observations

  • Written report with school and clinical recommendations

  • Cost: Cost will vary depending on the nature of the evaluation.  50% is due upon signing of the evaluation agreement and the final 50% is due when the final written report is released.